New Core Java Batch – Mar24th 11 am to 2.30 pm


  1. Sir, will U provide notes??

    • Maricruz said

      You probably alerady know that O’Reilly has the best books. I was going to recommend their Learning Java, but for a CS major who alerady knows C++, this isn’t enough. They’ve got a lot of Java titles, but I want to point an experienced programmer like you at their Java in a Nutshell. Check out their page or Amazon for editorial and buyer reviews. You might also add their Java Cookbook. It’s not for learning the language, but I always find having a lot of examples of good working code to be very helpful.By they way, you’ll also find their new HeadFirst series. I don’t recommend that. I bought their Object-Oriented Analysis Design in this series and was very disappointed. It seemed like they mostly want to sell paper! It’s way too cutesy. They could have done a better job in one-third the pages.Oh, and I disagree with an earlier respondent. Forget Java for Dummies. You’re WAY beyond that level of book.

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