New Core Java – Sept 10 – 11 to 2.30

Hello All,

The core java batch of Aug 14th is full and the next core java batch is scheduled as mentioned above from 11 to 2.30 pm.

The admissions for this batch has started 🙂




  1. shekhar said

    How do i register for the september batch?

    • admin said

      you can come down on Fri evening after 6 pm or on saturday any time at my location in borivali and you will get the information from the contact me section on this site.

  2. shekhar said

    Apologies for the delay in reply, however I wouldnt be able to come to borivali now. Is it possible for me to register through an Internet bank transaction?
    If yes please email your account details to or you could text me at 9820247932


    sir, please do tryna fetch two seats for us in this batch.
    A kind request.

    • admin said

      Kunal: You and kirti is all set for the Adv Java batch starting from Aug 20th. The timings are from 2 to 5 pm

  4. Rahul said


    When will Sept10 batch be over?Will it be over before Diwali(26 Oct)?

  5. advan said

    When earliest Advance Java batch is getting started ? I am interested in Weekend batch as I am working.

    — Advan

    • admin said

      Hi Advan,

      Unfortunately one batch just started and the next batch is scheduled in the last week of Sept.



  6. Nilesh Gade said

    in core java ,can you teach collection also?
    i want to join both core plus advanced java courses.

  7. Abhijeet said

    import java.awt.*;

    class Trials
    Button b1,b2,b3;
    Frame f;
    f= new Frame();
    b1= new Button(“ADD”);
    b2= new Button(“REM”);
    b3= new Button(“Log”);






    public static void main(String args[])
    new Trials();

    this is my program sir. When I compile it compiles without error. But it does not display the buttons. What might be the error in the code?

    Sorry sir could not find your email id.
    Regards, Abhijeet

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